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  SCOPE LUMIX SL/CF is an advanced technology semi-synthetic Motor Oil providing excellent performance in passenger car engines; it is formulated to ensure excellent viscosity retention and superior engine protection under all driving conditions.  


  SCOPE LUMIX SL/CF semi synthetic motor oil exceeds the requirements of all major car manufacturers and the following standards API SL/CF, ACEA A3 – 98 and B3 – 98, BMW: long life listing, Mercedes Benz – sheet 229.10  

Main Benefit

  Excellent engine protection Helps fuel efficiency Suitable for extended drain intervals. Reduces chlorine content to meet the environmental requirements. Low Oil Top up Better cold starting  


  SCOPE LUMIX SL/CF semi synthetic motor oil can be used in all naturally aspirated, fuel injected, turbocharged and multivalve passenger car engines.  

SAE Viscosity Grade5W/305W/405W/5010W/3010W/4015W/40
Viscosity, cSt @ 100 c11.0015.0017.8011.5014.5014.50
Viscosity Index155165170142155150
Pour Point 0 c-39-39-39-36-36-33
Flash Point COC 0 c210210210216216230
TBN mg KOH/g101010101010
Apparent Viscosity – Cp6000-30°c6200-30°c6400-30°c5600-25°c5800-25°c5400-20°c